Welcome to Tostarpsgården

Camping, Caravan camp and Resort.

Open all year.

TOSTARPSGÅRDEN is nicely situated on the south shore of Lake “Finjasjön”.
With 68 hectares of ground including forests and a beach the the resort offers a big variation of activities for recreation.
The closest neighbor west of Tostarpsgården is Skyrup with a 18 hole golf course and restaurant Skyrupsgården.
The closest neighbor east of Tostarpsgården is Hovdala Castle with 2000 hectares open for activities like horse riding, biking or just a stroll in the nature. The area also offers activities for dog owners with dog loops and exercise areas for dogs. Hovdala also offers a restaurant and a café and the well known “trädhuset”, situated 5.5 m up in the trees.
Within a radius of 100 kilometers from Tostarpsgården you can reach all places in the landscape Skåne, big parts of the landscapes Småland and Halland. Also Copenhagen, Norh of Danish Själland and the Island Ven is within this distance.

Lake Finja 500m away